What real members think

“Where do I begin? I feel superhuman. Your meditations and workouts have unleashed my potential in all areas of my life. For the first time in a long time, I feel so clear-minded and in tune with the person I want to be. I FINALLY overcame my unhealthy relationship with food, I’m eating with way less restriction and I’ve actually lost weight. Your workouts have given me this crazy lean and strong body… I feel feminine and beautiful. I use Mimi Method every single morning for 20-40 minutes and then I’m ready for my day. The release of emotion I feel after your meditations is like no other. Thank you Mimi for helping me find myself again.. I didn’t even know I lost her for a moment there. I’ll be a forever subscriber.”
- Ani, 26
“I finally feel like the true me. Since starting the meditations I feel so much happier with myself, I have more control over my emotions and I’m more motivated and driven than ever. Mimi, you have truly changed my life. I was in a rut and your platform has changed me, faster than I could ever imagine. The low intensity pilates workouts are my favorite too, I’ve seen the biggest change in my body over the past 6 weeks! I feel leaner than ever. I am happier than ever. I feel joy every day. I will never stop doing these meditations + workouts. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”
- Darcy, 24
“At first I joined MM because I saw all of the good reviews and I was curious about the walking meditations. Boy… I was not expecting it to have such an impact on my life. Since joining in August, I’ve lost 24 lbs and completely cured my anxiety disorder (that I had since I was 13). I feel reborn! I can’t believe how effective your meditations and workouts are. I look forward to them every day. I’ve fallen in love with myself again. It feels crazy even typing this… because I used to always doubt myself. If I could tell the Isabel at the beginning of the year that this would currently be my life she wouldn’t believe it. Mimi, you are changing thousands of lives. I can not express my gratitude towards your work enough.”
- Isabel, 26
“The MM meditations have been so life changing for me. Your whole energy is calming and uplifting. The walking meditations make me cry and give me goosebumps all at the same time. You are so original, so talented, and I will be a lifetime member. I’ve tried many different meditation apps and yours is so unique and truly the most effective one. I have only ever seen real results with yours. I’ve gotten all of my friends hooked too. Hands down… your platform is the best investment I made this year.”
- Becca, 23
“I just wanted to say that I’ve started doing Mimi Method guided meditations and pilates workouts every single morning for the past 3 weeks and I have seen the craziest change in my mind and body. I never thought it was possible to feel really good in my body without going crazy at the gym and counting calories until I found your work. What you have taught me in the meditations especially has forever changed my outlook. My old addictions to binge eating, eating when I had anxiety, etc are gone. I always thought I was the victim and you taught me that I am in complete control. Your walking meditations have changed my life too, I feel like I’m on drugs after doing them haha! Bravo Mimi!! You are changing lives.”
- Kara, 25
“You’ve managed to combine my favorite things - meditation, pilates and manifestation. Thank you for bridging the gap between the science and spirituality. Thank you for creating the most mind-blowing meditations I’ve ever experienced. Thank you for making your platform affordable for everyone.. because you could seriously charge $100 a month for this stuff. You’ve transformed me and I will be forever grateful for you, Mimi Bouchard!”
- Louise-May, 23
“I subscribed to Mimi Method 2 weeks ago and I owe you a BIG thank you for creating such a wonderful program. I adore the meditations - hearing you speak, it feels like you were meant to do this. The workouts are great too, I love the variety of classes you offer. It’s my one-stop shop for everything in the morning! Mimi Method is my morning routine, and it sets my day up like you wouldn’t imagine. Keep up with the wonderful content!”
- Sherri, 29