Hi, I'm Mimi

I know what it feels like to be stuck. stuck in an average life, with an average body, in average relationships...
Mimi, 21 years old

Mimi, 21 years old. Working out 1-2 hours a day with heavy weights + HIIT, binge eating disorder, low self-worth, deeply insecure and stuck, drinking most weekends + struggling with money. Surrounded by friends that don't make her feel good, lacking love and true happiness in her life. Had the belief that meditating was "hard" and "boring". Little did she know she was simply doing the wrong types of meditation!

Mimi, today

Mimi, today. Meditating daily, solely doing her low impact meditative Pilates workouts and walking + running meditations, happier and more vibrant than ever. Healed relationship with self + food, manifested dream life and partner, living her purpose. More money and abundance than she could ever imagine. Living her potential & helping other women do the same.

A few years ago I cracked the code on how to stop living an average existence, and how to START living an incredible one. This is the code:

The combination of conditioning your brain and body to become exactly what you want. Taking charge of your mind and moving your body in a way that will uncover your truest, best self.

There’s a way that you can control the outcome of your life, and that’s precisely what I teach. I use a unique mix of guided meditations + Pilates-style workouts, that when done consistently, will transform your life. No doubt about it.

Guided Meditations

My guided meditations are a hybrid mix of visualization, manifestation, hypnotherapy and meditation. This unique blend assists in rewiring + creating new circuits in your brain, so that you can feel and experience true change in your life - fast.

Common advancements my members experience when doing the Mimi Method meditations:

  • Breakthroughs like discovering their true mission and purpose in life
  • An overwhelming amount of self-love and feelings of worthiness
  • Feeling WAY more disciplined and motivated
  • Physical changes that occur from changing subconscious habits around food (Ex: weight loss from no more binge eating)
  • Skin looking more clear, glowy and radiant
  • Manifestations coming to life right before their eyes (Ex: finding the new job, dream partners, etc)
  • Faded anxiety and feeling more joy every day
  • Increased feelings of confidence and excitement towards life
Meditative Workouts

Now the other important component to my method are my active meditations. Get into that flow state as you walk, run, stretch or while you practice Pilates with my guidance.

Feeling healthy, strong, lean and toned is something most people seek. To truly thrive I believe you must feel this way in your body. My meditative workouts are low-intensity (for the most part!) and very effective when it comes to lengthening and leaning out your bod.

These active meditations focus on the mind-body connection to enhance and speed up your results, while leaning out your body with zero bulk. Whether you're interested in weight loss or not, regularly doing the Mimi Method meditative workouts will help you uncover your ideal physique.

I am certified in Pilates through Equinox. I am currently undergoing an intensive certification with Yes Supply to become a clinical hypnotherapist and a NLP & EFT practitioner.

Learn more about me on my Instagram @mimibouchard and tune in to my top 100 podcast by searching The MIMIBEE Podcast on all major podcast platforms.

My personal body transformation happened around 1.5 years ago. I used to spend hours at the gym, lifting heavy weights and doing HIIT. When I was doing this, I was 20 lbs heavier than I am now! I am living proof that low intensity Pilates-style workouts and taking charge of your mindset is the key to lasting weight loss.

I'm so excited for your journey. Your life is about to get so much better.